Toy shop owner: ‘I keep Sundays special, even on Christmas Eve’

The Christian owner of a toyshop chain will not be opening his stores this Christmas Eve as it falls on a Sunday.

Gary Grant, founder of The Entertainer, does not open his stores on Sundays because of his Christian faith.

Gary refuses to alter the policy despite Christmas Eve being one of the busiest sales days of the year.

God’s command

Speaking on Premier Radio’s News Hour, he said: “We don’t trade on Sundays, any Sundays of the year, and as the dates have fallen for the current year, we will be closed for what will be the second largest trading day of the year”.

Gary said his decision came after wrestling with the Commandment “keep the Sabbath holy.”

He added: “As a Christian, I believe in families – I have my own children, I have six grandchildren.

“And just being around for our children and our grandchildren, being able to have one day that we can meet together, we can eat together and stay together as a family, I think is very important.”

We will be closed for what will be the second largest trading day of the year.

Gary Grant

No regrets

Gary said he has no regrets about taking this approach.

He referred to 1 Samuel 2:30, which says: “Those who honour me I will honour, but those who despise me will be disdained.”

Mr Grant said: “I know that if I do what I do with the right motive with the right intention, that I can rely on the fact that God will honour that.”


Gary became a Christian in 1991, after attending a men’s breakfast at his local church.

The Entertainer does not stock Halloween goods or realistic weaponry, and ten per cent of its profits are given to charity.

The company says it will “only sell toys we believe have real play value, represent good value for money and are suitable for the children they’re made for”.