Tory MP sponsors ‘Erotica’ dinner in the Commons

A Conservative MP has come under fire for sponsoring a “smutty” dinner in the House of Commons on behalf of an x-rated entrepreneur, according to the Daily Mail.

Andrew Rosindell MP is sponsoring Savvas Christodoulou’s controversial “Erotica House of Commons Dinner”, which will be followed by an x-rated ‘after-party’, on 2 October.

The hosting of such a dinner in the House of Commons is likely to upset many of Mr Rosindell’s colleagues, and one MP has warned that the inappropriate event is “below the dignity of the Commons”.


The promotional posters for the event are emblazoned with the “Erotica 2010” logo, in reference to an adult entertainment show which Mr Christodoulou is due to run at London’s Olympia venue the following month.

According to the Erotica 2010 website, October’s controversial dinner in the Commons will begin with a black tie banquet in the prestigious Members’ Dining Room.

This will be followed by an adult themed ‘after-party’, featuring pole dancers and erotic performers, which is due to be held at a separate, nearby venue.


The promotional poster, which features a model in a Latex body costume and sailor’s hat, encourages those coming to the after-party to wear provocative fancy dress.

It states: “Enforced fantasy dress code. Dress up or be refused entry!

“Formal dress (as above) is acceptable. Or choose from sailor uniforms, naval officer, burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Venice Carnival, Berlin Cabaret, lingerie, militaria, fetish, latex, leather etc.”

The posters also carry parliament’s crowned portcullis logo which is used to authenticate parliament’s communications.

According to Parliamentary authorities the logo shouldn’t be used if there is a risk that it may “wrongly be regarded, or represented, as having the authority of the House.”

Mr Rosindell, who claims not to have seen any of the invitations, said: “As far as I am aware, Erotica is a separate business. I have never been to an Erotica event, I am not interested in that kind of thing.


“I am not endorsing anything. I was simply asked to sponsor a dinner. I’m not even sure I will go.”

Mr Rosindell, MP for Romford in East London, received a donation from Mr Christodoulous in 2006.

Tickets for the meal and ‘after-party’ are £89, and tickets for just the ‘after-party’ are £35.

Earlier this month it was revealed that adverts for jobs that involve sexual stimulation had been banned from taxpayer-funded jobcentres in response to “significant public concern”.


The ban meant that the Jobcentre Plus network would no longer advertise jobs that involve “direct sexual stimulation” – such as strippers and lap-dancers.

Chris Grayling, the Minister for Employment, said: “It’s absolutely wrong that the Government advertises jobs that could support the exploitation of people.

“We’ve taken immediate action today to stop certain adult entertainment vacancies from being advertised through Jobcentre Plus.

“We shouldn’t put vulnerable people in an environment where they’re exposed to these types of jobs and could feel under pressure to work in the sex industry.”

The ban was brought in after a public consultation revealed concern over the controversial ads appearing in jobcentres.