Tories under fire over ‘Islamist’ candidate

A Conservative candidate in yesterday’s local elections is an Islamist who supports the notion of an Islamic state, critics have said.

Mufti Shah Sadruddin, who stood in the council elections in Newham, London, reportedly said: “The Islamic state is the greatest contribution to humanity”.

He also supports the creation of a ‘mega mosque’ near the Olympic Park – a plan which has been opposed by Newham Council.


Sadruddin had reportedly urged people to vote for anyone who could displace the current Mayor of the area.

Political blogger Cranmer commented that, it seems “political discernment and common sense have deserted the Conservative Party”.

Cranmer also drew attention to comments Sadruddin made about calling for “revenge” against Islam’s “oceans of blood”.


The Tory candidate at Thursday’s election has also called for a non-violent “revolution” and for the people of Newham to ‘block roads’ like in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, according to the Daily Express.

Earlier this month when the Express contacted the Conservatives, a Tory spokeswoman said the issue was one for the local Party.

Later Newham Conservatives issued a statement about their campaign, but did not mention Sadruddin.


Sadruddin was standing in the Green Street West ward in Newham against candidates from three other parties and an independent.

At the time of writing, the results of the Newham council election had not been announced.