Top donor won’t fund Tories over gay marriage

Lord Ashcroft, the Tories’ largest donor, has said he will not fund the party because of David Cameron’s obsession with issues like gay marriage.

The Peer, who has given over £10 million to the Tories, says he’s still a Conservative but wonders whether Mr Cameron is.

A close friend told the Daily Mail: “He thinks Cameron is too easily distracted by fringe issues which only the metropolitan elite care about, such as gay marriage.


“He believes Cameron is unwilling to focus on the issues that matter, like cutting taxes and sorting out immigration, and therefore will not be able to deliver a clear Tory majority next time.

“A lot of the donors agree with Ashcroft that there is no strategic vision. What does Cameron’s Government stand for?

“Cameron seems oblivious to our concerns so it’s no wonder Ashcroft has stopped giving financial support.”


Lord Ashcroft has urged the Conservative Party to drop issues such as gay marriage, and instead try to gain support from voters who feel the leadership is out of touch with their concerns.

He will continue to support individual candidates with whom he shares the same values.

The issue of gay marriage has proved to be very divisive within the Conservative Party.


More Tory MPs voted against than for the proposals at Second Reading in the House of Commons.

And several Tory councillors have resigned in recent weeks over the issue.

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