TIME Magazine criticised for encouraging women to save up for ’emergency’ abortions

A magazine article encouraging women in the US to set money aside each month to plan for an abortion has come under fire from pro-life groups.

Robin Marty, author of Handbook for a Post-Roe America, advises women to set up a “personal abortion fund”, as early-term abortion procedures can cost around $500.

But critics questioned the logic behind saving for an abortion, rather than saving for a family.


The TIME article entitled ‘The Case for Starting an Emergency Abortion Fund’ encourages women to “set aside a little” as they would for a pension plan.

Spokesperson for Right To Life Clare McCarthy said: “Encouraging women towards abortion, or to save ‘emergency funds’ for abortion, is a sad attempt by the abortion lobby to present abortion as a merely financial transaction.

“It does nothing to address the hurt caused to women or the millions of lives lost through abortion.”

A ‘precious gift’

Her views were echoed by the president of US group National Right to Life Committee, Carol Tobias, who called it “sad and reprehensible” to encourage young women to plan for abortions.

She said: “A much happier and more loving option would be to encourage women to prepare for the precious gift of a new baby.”

There have been around 60 million abortions carried out in the US since the landmark Roe v Wade Supreme Court case liberalised abortion in 1973.

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