Three-quarters of gender confused children are girls

New NHS figures reveal that three-quarters of gender confused children are female.

The number of girls attending the Tavistock ‘gender identity’ clinic between April 2018-19 was 1,740, compared to just 624 boys.

It follows calls from Women and Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt to investigate the rapid increase in the number of girls admitted for gender treatment in recent years.

Unhappy being girls

Whilst 74 per cent of all children referred to the clinic were girls, the figures also showed that 54 per cent were aged 14 or under.

Transgender Trend’s Stephanie Davies-Arai, said: “We need an inquiry into why there has been such an unprecedented increase in the number of teenage girls who are unhappy at being girls”.

She added “it should be understood within a context of adolescent girls’ mental health”.

Director of the Tavistock clinic Polly Carmichael, claimed: “We are alive to this issue, and are exploring it.”


In 2018, Penny Mordaunt commissioned a report to investigate this increase among young girls.

The result of the review has not yet been published.

Earlier this year, a leaked 2018 report branded the Tavistock centre as ‘not fit for purpose’.

Life-changing decisions

Its author, Dr David Bell, feared the clinic was failing to fully consider psychological and social factors which may have affected the girls’ decisions to transition.

He said the clinic was pushing children into making life-changing decisions with “inadequate” examination and consent.

Subsequently, staff at the Tavistock centre, including one of the governors, resigned from the clinic.

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