Thousands march for life in UK despite pro-abortion protestors

Crowds of people have taken to the streets of Birmingham to share a pro-life message, despite angry pro-abortion protesters.

On Saturday marchers congregated at Victoria Square to hear from speakers and voice their opposition to the Abortion Act – 50 years after it was passed.

A former Planned Parenthood employee addressed the crowd, explaining how taking part in abortions led her to leave her job and campaign for the lives of the unborn.

‘Celebrate life’

And pro-life leader Lila Rose also spoke at the event, telling how education about abortion changes people’s minds.

Pro-abortion protesters pushed through barriers into the event area, carried red ‘smoke bombs’ and blocked the road – prompting a change in route.

But attendees spoke positively about the event, with Ciara, from Watford, saying: “It’s been such a blessing for the pro-choice protestors to have the chance to hear the testimonies of people who’ve changed their mind about abortion.”

Another told the Catholic Herald that he was delighted to ‘celebrate life on the streets of Birmingham’.


Margaret, from Edinburgh, said she was there to “speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves”, while Mary from America said: “The pro-life issue is a worldwide issue and we need to stick together”.

The organisers described the day as a joyful celebration of life, despite the challenges.

The event was co-ordinated with the March for Life in Rome, which hosted its seventh annual event.

Opposition to current law

Earlier this week, a new poll revealed that an overwhelming majority of women want the abortion limit lowered in Great Britain.

According to the figures, only one per cent of respondents support the abortion limit being raised to birth – something being pushed for by one of Britain’s largest abortion providers, BPAS.

The findings also revealed that almost 80 per cent of people support a five-day ‘consideration period’ before an abortion, as is the case in the Netherlands.

In Great Britain, abortions generally can take place up to 24 weeks but disabled children can be aborted up to birth.

Watch people tell their personal stories of how they were deeply affected by abortion

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