Thousands march for life in Canada

Thousands of pro-life activists marched on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, to show their support for the lives of the unborn, in a demonstration last week.

The 20th annual National March for Life was led by Campaign Life Coalition, and was supported by a number of pro-life MPs.

MPs said the march would show the pro-abortion Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that pro-lifers would not be silenced.

Life from conception

Arnold Viersen, an Alberta MP said: “Human beings have human rights.”

He stressed that life begins at conception, adding that this meant Canadians “must defend the human rights of all human beings”.

Christian MP Ted Falk pointed out that Justin Trudeau believes the issue is settled and that pro-lifers should just go away, but called on the Prime Minister to observe the marchers.

He said: “We will not go away. We will fight back against the attempts to silence us, we will keep this conversation alive, we will show that all life is inherently valuable … from conception to natural death”.


The march marks the 48th year since abortion was legalised in Canada by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberal Government.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Justin Trudeau has made abortion a defining issue of his leadership, promoting it at home and abroad.

Last May he reversed a Conservative policy which banned the use of taxpayer money for the promotion of abortions overseas.

And in June, he pushed through a Bill to legalise assisted suicide.

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