Thousands march for life in London

Thousands of people from across the country have gathered in London for the annual UK March for Life.

The event reportedly attracted 4,000 supporters for the march through the streets of London, ending at Parliament Square.

It comes as protections against unsupervised home abortions in Great Britain are expected to be permanently axed.


Paul Swarbrick, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Lancaster, highlighted to the crowd the contradiction between the attitude of saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic and the relaxation of abortion laws.

Pastor Ebow Essel added that “there is something wrong with this, that we are sitting back to see daily the slaughter of innocent babies in wombs”.

Testimonies were also heard at the event, including a mother who decided against aborting her now 16-year-old son who stood on stage beside her.

A small group of pro-abortion protesters were also present.

DIY abortions

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the number and rate of abortions in England and Wales have reached an all-time high.

Department of Health and Social Care figures also revealed a sharp rise in unsupervised chemical abortions, where women can take abortion pills at home if the unborn child is less than ten weeks old.

‘DIY’ home abortions were introduced under temporary Covid regulations in March last year. Westminster, and the Scottish and Welsh Governments, have all consulted on permanently extending these emergency measures.

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