This Morning again shows sex positions on daytime TV

ITV’s This Morning has shocked viewers again with another daytime sex feature – this time on sex positions for over 60s – aired while some children were at home for half-term.

Last year the channel’s flagship daytime TV show sparked controversy when two young actors simulated sex.

This time the show looked at sex positions for older people as well as electronic sex toys. The programme, which aired on Monday, came during some children’s half term week.


Although presenter Phillip Schofield warned younger viewers to ‘avert’ their eyes, people were still surprised to see the sex feature on in the morning.

On the social networking site Twitter, one viewer wrote: “Was feeling much better but feel positively unwell again after seeing the over 60s demonstrating sex positions on ITV This Morning!”

Another person commented: “Making old people act our sex positions on telly just before lunchtime…oh ITV, for shame..”

And another viewer remarked: “Oh how TV has changed. Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby on @itvthismorning discussing vibrators and sex positions for the over-sixties!”


Newspaper readers also hit out at the feature. Roddy from Clevedon described it as “appalling”, and added that it “should only be shown after the watershed”.

Another commentator asked: “Why oh why is over sexualisation the norm in our society today.”

In March last year when the furore surrounded the show, a top boss at This Morning told a newspaper: “We decided after the success of our love week earlier this year to turn up the heat and launch a special sex week.”


He said “no area is off limit” during ‘sex week’.

At the time Philip Schofield wrote on Twitter: “I am loving the ‘outrage’ at This Morning’s sex week. It was all perfectly decent and you got two warnings.”

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