Texas abortions plummet 97 per cent in month after Roe v Wade judgment

The number of abortions in Texas decreased by 97 per cent in the first month following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

According to statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services, 2,596 abortions were carried out in the US state in June 2022 while only 68 were performed in July.

The Supreme Court overturned its 1973 ruling on Roe v Wade on 24 June, handing back power to individual states to legislate on the issue. Now abortion is only permitted in Texas to protect the life of the mother.


Of the 68 abortions committed in July, only one was carried out due to a medical emergency to protect the health of the mother.

The other 67 abortions appeared to have taken place when several abortion clinics in the state briefly reopened during an attempt to block the enforcement of pre-Roe laws.

Texas Right to Life commented: “Legal elective abortion is no more in the state of Texas, and lives are being saved at unprecedented levels. However, we must remain vigilant at all times. The abortion industry will seize every opportunity possible, legal or not, to continue waging war against preborn children.”

Ten thousand

Last year, it was estimated that at least ten thousand unborn lives had been saved from abortion since Roe v Wade was overturned.

According to #WeCount, a venture of the pro-abortion Society of Family Planning, there was an estimated 10,670 fewer abortions in the two months following the US Supreme Court judgment.

#WeCount calculated the total figure based on statistics sent in by clinics responsible for approximately 82 per cent of all abortions carried out in the US.

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