Texas abortion centre which ‘killed thousands’ shuts down

A major abortion centre in Texas has permanently shut down after 50 years.

Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center, the largest abortion centre in Dallas, has been operating since 1973. It paused abortions last year following the historic overturning of Roe v Wade and sent mothers to other states instead.

After the US Supreme Court handed back power to individual states to legislate on the issue, abortion became permitted in Texas only to protect the life of the mother.

Prayer and action

Texas Right to Life said the centre’s permanent closure “demonstrates the powerful combination of Pro-Life efforts in legislation, local ministry, and most importantly, prayer” but lamented that it had “killed thousands of children whose lives can never be replaced”.

The organisation added: “We must continue to support and empower those who are fighting against the evil of abortion, both locally and across the country.”

In 2015, the Dallas centre was found to have failed to properly manage sanitation and infection control. Its owner Curtis Boyd has acknowledged he was “killing” the unborn.

Lives saved

Last year, it was revealed that the number of abortions in Texas decreased by 97 per cent in the first month following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

According to statistics from the Texas Health and Human Services, 2,596 abortions were carried out in the US state in June 2022 while only 68 were performed in July.

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