Telegraph: gay marriage is ‘pointless distraction’

An editorial in today’s Daily Telegraph says that David Cameron’s attempt to redefine marriage is a “pointless distraction”.

The paper chides Mr Cameron for not allowing any discussion about the principle of redefining marriage, despite the fact that most of the public controversy around the issue has been based on this very principle.

It goes on to say that the consultation on whether to introduce same-sex marriage is a “sham”, because the people are being ignored.


Earlier this week Mr Cameron said that he is “absolutely determined” that the Government will legislate for same-sex marriage in this Parliament, come what may.

The paper warns Mr Cameron that he will alienate even more of his own bedrock supporters if he continues to plough ahead with the plan.

It also highlights the fact that there does not seem to be a strong lobby for change from homosexual couples, many of whom are already in civil partnerships introduced by the former Labour Government.


The paper points out that Mr Cameron “will also find himself in an almighty battle with the churches, even if the religious marriage service is not intended to be affected”.

An article published this week by gay journalist Andrew Pierce noted that the Prime Minister’s determination to redefine marriage is leading to a rapid decline in membership of the Conservative Party.

Party membership stood at 300,000 when David Cameron became leader. Today it has dropped sharply to under 130,000 Pierce said.