Teen mum chooses life for son conceived through rape

A rape survivor has shared a powerful message about how she resisted pressure from friends and family to abort her baby and decided to ‘choose life’ instead.

In a blog post for Live Action News, an American pro-life organisation, Kali explained that she was raped when she was thirteen.

She faced pressure from friends and family who told her: “You’re going to ruin your life. You’re making a mistake. It would be so much easier if you got an abortion”.


As well as recommending abortion, medical staff even told her that she was going to give birth to a rapist.

But Kali resisted the advice saying: “That has nothing to do with my son. He didn’t choose how he got here.”

Although she once considered herself pro-abortion, she soon changed her mind.


“Now that I have been put in that situation, I am totally pro-life. Once you hear that baby’s heartbeat it is an indescribable feeling.”

“It was an emotional time”, she added “but it wasn’t honestly that hard of a decision at the time. That’s a life.

“To me abortion is murder and so I’m totally pro-life completely now that I’ve been put through one of the most horrible situations.”

No regrets

Kali said she has no regrets about choosing life and hopes her story can inspire others to do the same.

“I hope that my story will open their eyes so they realise that not everybody has to be pro-abortion in a tragic situation and to realise the beauty behind it – and that baby was totally it for me. That’s what I told everyone – that I’m doing this for him.”

Her son Smitlee was born at 28 weeks.

He spent the first five weeks of his life in a neonatal intensive care unit, but Smitlee is now four years old and doing well.

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