Tampax blasted for saying men can have periods

Tampax has been slammed online after it posted a tweet saying that it isn’t just women who menstruate.

The company tweeted: “Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed! #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful.”

The statement attracted widespread derision.

‘Males do not’

Writer Susan Dalgety, who previously backed JK Rowling in her transgender row earlier this year, said: “It’s a biological fact you need a uterus to menstruate, and that only females have one. Males do not.”

Another user added “Anyone who calls me and my daughter ‘people who bleed’ isn’t getting a penny more of my money.”

Daily Telegraph columnist Celia Walden said the statement was “empty and nonsensical”, adding that it causes “derision and division”.

Tampax responded in a statement saying they were “committed to diversity and inclusion”.

‘Birthing parent’

Earlier this month, UK neonatal death charity Sands was heavily criticised after refusing to use the terms ‘mother’ or ‘father’.

It tweeted: “Often the focus of support and comfort is on the birthing parent, which can leave partners or non-birthing parents feeling isolated and alone.”

Sands quickly apologised for its mistake saying: “We are so sorry that this tweet has upset some people. Our tweet should have included the word mothers. It was an error and we apologise from the bottom of our hearts.”

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