Suzi Quatro: My teenage abortion is greatest regret

Suzi Quatro has spoken movingly about an abortion she had at the age of 18, describing it as “my life’s greatest regret”.

The singer and actress, who has sold over 55 million records, said in retrospect she would have kept the baby – who would now be 46 years old.

Quatro said she is delighted that her daughter, who also became pregnant at 18, kept her child.


The American performer, who moved to England in the 1970s, told the Daily Mail about her experience of abortion.

“When my two kids were born, I couldn’t get out of my mind who that first baby would have become. He or she would be 46 now.

“Any woman who’s been through an abortion and tells you it was nothing is lying.

“Of course I might well not have gone on to achieve what I did in my career if I’d become a young single mum.”

Turn clock back

“But that doesn’t stop it being my life’s greatest regret.

“If I could turn the clock back, even allowing for everything that’s happened to me since, I’d have kept that baby.”

She also explained that when her daughter, Laura, told her she was pregnant at 18, Suzi spoke to her about own experience for the first time.

The singer said that she would have stood by her daughter whatever decision she made, but is delighted that she did not have an abortion.

No matter what

The Christian Institute recently produced a series of powerful videos about people whose lives have been deeply affected by abortion.

Gary Moore was conceived through rape but now says he is so pleased his mother refused an abortion.

“It was always one of those pillars of life where I knew that she loved me no matter what”, he said.

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