Survey reveals Brits reject trans ideology

A survey has revealed that the British public largely rejects transgender ideology.

The poll of more than 2,000 adults for the Campaign For Common Sense (CCS) revealed that almost half of the public do not think men should be able to self-identify as women and gain access to female-only spaces, with fewer than one in five in support.

Three in five said they were opposed to children being allowed to use puberty blocking drugs or cross-sex hormones in an attempt to change gender, with fewer than one in seven in favour.

‘Divisive identity politics’

The poll also revealed staunch opposition to the idea of changing language to make it gender-neutral.

Almost seven in ten respondents said they were opposed to the word ‘breastfeeding’ being replaced with ‘chestfeeding’. Just one in 20 said they support such a change.

CCS Director Mark Lehain said: “The results of this poll show the vast majority of British public are tolerant, fair-minded and moderate people who are not interested in divisive identity politics.

“It shows that those who want to import the kind of extreme ideas that have proved so polarising in America will have to contend with the common-sense majority of the British people. Britain does not have to accept this path.”


The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly commented: “Despite what some sections of the media, or lobby groups, would have you believe, there is not overwhelming support for trans ideology among the general public.

“In reality, most people recognise that the radical ideas touted by activists are damaging and wrong, and they don’t want them inflicted upon society at large.”

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