Students seek to oust porter over views on gender ideology

Students at Clare College Cambridge are trying to have a porter removed from his job after he refused to endorse radical gender ideology.

In his role as a city councillor, Kevin Price was asked to vote for a motion that contained the statement: “Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary individuals are non-binary.”

He said such phrases would “send a chill down the spines” of many women, and rather than vote against his party, he chose to resign from his role as a matter of conscience.

‘Unfit for role’

Unhappy at Price’s decision, the Union of Clare Students (UCS) released a statement to ‘reassure’ students, saying the porter had shown “brazen contempt” for trans and non-binary people.

The union’s LGBT+ Officer, Frankie Kendal, said that Clare’s small number of trans students “should not only feel safe but feel celebrated”.

And former trans rep Victoria Longstaff claimed that Price’s views make him “unfit both to hold public office and to be in a position of responsibility over students”.

The UCS is reportedly in communication with the College over how to “resolve this situation”, and said “the Senior Tutor is meeting with Price personally” to discuss the matter.

‘Legitimate questions’

Explaining his position, Price commented that it is “foolish to pretend that there are not widely differing views” on transgenderism, and that people are “concerned about the impact on women’s sex-based rights”.

He said many women are worried that those rights are under threat, adding that they are “unable to raise legitimate questions and concerns without a hostile response.”

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