Stop the pressure for early sex, say Guides

The Girl Guides say they should not have to put up with peer pressure to have sex or to look like air-brushed models in magazines.

The top concerns of 1,000 Guides have been released in a ‘manifesto’ which also calls for an end to bullying, knife crime and domestic violence.

It follows a report from Girlguiding UK and the Mental Health Foundation earlier this year which warned that worries about image and pressure to have sex were “creating a generation under stress”.

Another recent survey from OFSTED found that a third of eight to eleven-year-old girls worry about their body image.

A separate study suggested that teenage boys did not see anything wrong with pressurising girls to have sex with them.

Yesterday the NSPCC warned that the “pervasive” use of sexual imagery in society meant girls were being told to make themselves more attractive for men, while for boys, “it’s all about looking at girls as sexual objects because that is what they are being trained to become”.