‘Stop abortion’ Bill moves ahead in Poland

A new Bill proposing a near total ban on abortion in Poland has received initial approval from the Sejm, the lower house of Parliament.

The ‘Stop Abortion’ Bill would ban abortion, except when the mother’s life is at risk.

It was approved in the lower house by a majority of 267-154 and will now move on to the next stage of the legislative process.


Politicians will now oversee further discussion of the proposed legislation before a final draft is written and a vote takes place in the Senate.

Pro-abortionists introduced a counter-measure seeking to liberalise abortion which was defeated by 230 votes to 173.

The current laws in Poland allow for abortion to take place for pregnancies that pose a health risk to the mother, are a result of rape or incest, or if the child has a severely life-limiting condition.

After 12 weeks, abortion is only permitted if continuing with the pregnancy would put the life or health of the woman at risk.

Life from conception

Almost half a million signatures were gathered by pro-life supporters in support of the ‘Stop Abortion’ Bill last month.

According to Polish law, any citizens’ Bill receiving more than 100,000 signatures will be debated in Parliament.

Anna Kiljan, of the Right to Life Foundation – one of the organisations involved in gathering the signatures – said that 90 percent of abortions in Poland occur due to fears of the unborn child being born sick or handicapped through prenatal testing.

In a recent Polish public opinion poll, 66 per cent of respondents answered “yes” to the question: “Do you think human life should be protected always and in all circumstances from the moment of conception till natural death?”

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