Stonewall tried to block photos of McKellen school visit

Staff from a homosexual lobby group disrupted a local paper’s attempt to cover a visit by film star Sir Ian McKellen to a local school over fears about how the trip would be portrayed.

In October it was revealed that Sir Ian was to visit dozens of schools across the country to promote the agenda of Stonewall.

Earlier this month, local newspaper the Sutton Guardian reported on its website that “over-sensitive” Stonewall staff had “harangued our photographer into leaving the school premises”.


The local paper also said Stonewall staff “suddenly demanded we delete our photos” of the visit, at Carshalton Boys Sports College in Surrey. called the incident a “farce”. It said the paper had been invited to cover Sir Ian’s visit by the college.

A Stonewall spokesman later apologised for the group’s actions, saying there had been “miscommunication” about whether or not the newspaper had been invited.

Faith schools

Hollywood star Sir Ian attracted media attention during a previous schools tour in December 2008.

On a visit to a school in Kent, Sir Ian claimed that faith schools which teach religious views are providing children with an inferior education.

He said: “It worries me that there is an increasing number of faith schools in this country where it might be thought appropriate for religious views to invade the classroom.

“If that’s happening, those kids are getting a second-class education.”

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