SNP Govt urged to make gay marriage a top priority

A homosexual lobby group has called upon Scotland’s new government to fundamentally redefine marriage.

Within hours of a historic win at the polls, the SNP majority government was being urged by the Equality Network to consult on same-sex marriage.

And Daniel Donaldson of the charity said: “We hope and expect that a consultation will now proceed quickly.”


Critics are concerned about the implications for society and schools if marriage is redefined.

The Guardian’s Michael White has expressed concern about same-sex marriage, saying that heterosexual marriage is distinct because it “is there to produce and raise children in a more or less stable environment”.

The homosexual activist group, Stonewall, has already sent a teacher training pack to primary schools urging them to use story books pushing same-sex marriage.


The SNP won a surprise majority in the Scottish elections last Thursday with 69 seats in the 129-seat Parliament, the first time since devolution in 1999 that a majority government has been elected.

During his campaign, First Minister Alex Salmond said he personally supported same-sex marriage and the SNP’s election manifesto said the party will open a consultation on the subject.

But unlike the Labour and LibDem manifestos, the SNP said “we recognise the range of views” on the subject.


Daniel Donaldson, of the Equality Network, seized the opportunity to hold the SNP to their promise.

He told Pink News: “We were really pleased to see that the SNP manifesto contained a pledge to consult on marriage equality and that Alex Salmond also gave his personal support”.

But last year Mr Salmond said he didn’t think the Scottish Parliament would be able to change the law.


Explaining his position at the time, he said: “Currently no party in Scotland is able to legislate for same-sex marriage in Scotland without the permission of Westminster, due to the impact on laws covering immigration, pensions, inheritance tax and other areas where London still holds the power.”

However, campaigners are demanding that Holyrood leads the way and legalises homosexual marriage.

And in March, the taxpayer-funded Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland called upon the next Scottish Government to alter the law on marriage.

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