Six-year-olds shown graphic sex DVD in school

Children aged six have been shown a DVD featuring full sexual intercourse as part of sex education at their primary school in Dunblane.

Teachers used the “Living and Growing” DVD – which was temporarily withdrawn from sale because it is so controversial.

The school claims it was an honest mistake and has said sorry, but one annoyed mother said the apology was “not good enough”.


She added: “It is up to parents, especially at such an early age, to decide what is and is not suitable for them to know about, never mind actually see.”

She commented: “This has ripped away the innocence from these kids. They are still only babies.

“But they were shown scenes which are highly inappropriate for their age group and understanding.”


Criticising the school’s response, the mother said: “There was no real explanation about how this happened or what the actual content was.

“We only really found out from the children who didn’t really understand what it was they had been made to watch.”

Stirling Council said: “Dunblane Primary School has a well-developed programme, which supports the topic of Living and Growing. DVD materials appropriate to an older age group were used with younger pupils.


“The teachers involved stopped the presentation and the school has apologised to parents for this mistake.

“The head teacher is working closely with parents to reassure them and has met with parents individually.

“The school has taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again.”


Living and Growing, which is produced by Channel 4, had been removed from sale following criticism. However an edited version is now available.

Speaking about the material last year, Nick Gibb, who was the Westminster Government’s Schools Minister, said: “Parents will be shocked that this type of material is present in primary schools and even more surprised that councils are recommending it.”

He ordered Channel 4 to tone down the content.

Living and Growing was highlighted in a report on primary school sex education, “Too Much Too Young”, produced by The Christian Institute in 2011.