Sexual freedom fallout costs Britain £100 billion-a-year

Roughly £100 billion is spent each year dealing with problems relating to sexual promiscuity and relationship breakdown, according to research by the Jubilee Centre.

Author Guy Brandon blasted society’s uncritical endorsement of sexual freedom which he argues has resulted in massive public costs.

The costs include dealing with family breakdown, sexually transmitted infections (STI), absenteeism, domestic violence and educational underachievement.


The study also reveals that the £100 billion figure is double the combined annual spend on tackling alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity.

In the paper Mr Brandon said: “The costs of sexual freedom and relationship breakdown to the taxpayer and wider economy are complex and difficult to calculate, but £100 billion annually is probably a reasonable starting point: about twice as much as alcohol abuse, smoking and obesity combined.”

He added: “This represents an enormous moral hazard and, as a result, unsustainable and unjust public expenditure.”


Citing the need for reduced individualism and stronger family ties, he suggests the example of Singapore where housing policy and tax breaks are used to encourage people to relocate closer to relatives.

Mr Brandon said such an initiative was already being used in the commercial world by John Lewis, and encouraged other employers to follow suit.

He also commended four Internet providers for offering customers the option to block adult content at the point of subscription.


“This and similar initiatives could be accompanied by a small rebate in customers’ bills, funded by the state” he said.

The research also laments the “changing landscape of sexual freedom” as well as rising divorce and STI numbers.

Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said the paper would “undoubtedly stimulate debate”.