‘Seeing my baby’s heartbeat changed my mind on abortion’

A mother has shared how she decided against having an abortion after going for a scan and hearing the “little flicker” of her baby’s heartbeat.

Justine Curry, from Maryland USA, intended to get an abortion after discovering she was pregnant two years ago.

At the time, Justine had just been fired from her first job and couldn’t afford to pay for a pregnancy test.

Little flicker

While searching for free tests, she came across the Pregnancy Clinic Ministry, an evangelical group which “seeks to help women in unexpected pregnancies”.

She went to the clinic intending to have an abortion: “My mind was set on abortion. I knew when I walked in this door the next day, that’s what I was going to tell these people”.

But at the clinic she had a sonogram, where she was able to hear the “little flicker” of her baby’s heartbeat.

My whole world changed

She said the technician “pushed a button and the whole room was filled with the sound of my baby’s heartbeat”.

She added, “it just took that one second and my whole world changed”. She now has a 15-month-old toddler called Kaylee.

“If I hadn’t gotten that sonogram my daughter wouldn’t be here. There’s not a doubt in my mind, she wouldn’t be here”, she continued.


As part of The Christian Institute’s ‘Choose Life‘ series, Lynn Coles, who supports women suffering the terrible after-effects of abortion, shared her experience.

As an Abortion Recovery Facilitator, she has been able to assist women from a variety of backgrounds who have undergone abortions they came to deeply regret.

“It’s not a religious thing to regret your abortion” she said, “it’s actually a human thing, a woman thing – because we’re not designed to take the lives of our children”.

She added: “Abortion is offered to women as a quick solution to the problem but what women don’t realise like myself is that it just gives us new problems.”

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