Scouts will ‘do their best’ to recruit more homosexuals

The Scout Association has revealed plans to boost its number of homosexual members and leaders.

But the move has been criticised for ‘steering the organisation’ away from its original Christian values.

John Cormack, of the Scottish Christian Party, said: “My reaction to this is one of dismay and I suspect many other people will also be deeply concerned.”


He added: “This is a huge step-change away from the Christian founding ethos of the Scout movement.”

The half-a-million-strong movement has released a video as part of the campaign, which will also let Scouts attend homosexual marches in uniform.

Wayne Bulpitt, the association’s UK chief commissioner, appeared in the video for homosexual lobby group Stonewall.


The association has created a series of advisory documents on homosexual issues for members and adult leaders aimed at counselling young people about their sexuality and informing others.

It states: “Coming out is a major decision in your life. You may decide to tell your family, a friend, your teacher or a Scout leader.

“There is nothing wrong with being gay and being a Scout and the person that you tell should be supportive and non-judgemental to what you are telling them.”


Leaders are advised to treat such conversations as confidential, but to have other adults “within hearing or sight”, and to be prepared to pass on details for specialised support organisations.

A second leaflet, under a paragraph Gay Adults In Scouting, tells prospective leaders and volunteers: “It’s OK to be an adult in Scouting and be gay!”

Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green leader, welcomed the move and urged the Scouts to go further and lift their ban on atheists and agnostics.