Scottish Lib Dems push for same-sex ‘marriage’

Liberal Democrats in Scotland have called on the Scottish Government to legalise full homosexual ‘marriage’.

The Lib Dem Scottish Spring Conference passed a motion on Sunday saying that aswell as legalising ‘marriage’, civil partnerships should also stay available to same-sex couples.


Party activists argued “the current arrangements with regards to marriage are discriminatory”.

The motion, entitled Equal marriage in Scotland, called on the Scottish Government to: “Open both marriage and civil partnerships to both same-sex and mixed-sex couples.”

And: “To allow approved religious and humanist celebrants to legally solemnise and celebrate same-sex marriages and civil partnerships where they wish to do so.”

The law

Last month Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader, said he wanted a change in the law to allow gay couples to have a civil marriage.

Mr Clegg was answering a question submitted by a reader of the gay news website about changing the law for same-sex couples.

He said he supported gay marriage because: “Love is the same, straight or gay, so the civil institution should be the same, too.”

“All couples should be able to make that commitment to one another”, he said.

Free speech

In the wide-ranging interview the Lib Dem leader also acknowledged the importance of free speech laws which allow Christian street preachers to express their religious beliefs about homosexual conduct.

Mr Clegg stated: “I’m afraid I believe freedom of speech is vital in a free society like ours.

“Too much has already been taken away, and we would protect it.”

But he also said: “Homosexuality is normal, and I wish everyone accepted that.”

Faith schools

In the same month David Cameron the leader of the Tory Party told a gay lifestyle magazine that the Church of England should recognise “full equality” for homosexuals.

His comments followed his remark in January that children should be taught that homosexual civil partnerships are just as valuable as marriage.

Earlier this year Mr Clegg was criticised for comments he made to a gay lifestyle magazine in which he said that faith schools should be forced to teach that homosexuality is normal and harmless.

Norman Wells, Director of the Family Education Trust, said: “Not only is Nick Clegg showing a woeful lack of respect for faith schools, but he is also totally disregarding the deeply-held views of parents.”

He added: “Instead of seeking to advance the gay rights agenda, he would do better to commit his party to presenting positive images of stable marriages and of sexual restraint outside marriage.”

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