Scots to be asked about ‘trans status’ in 2021

Scots will be asked about their ‘trans status’ in the next census if they do not identify as their birth sex, it has been revealed.

For the first time, the Scottish census will ask questions about sexual orientation and trans status.

The Scottish Government had originally planned to ask a question about “sex, including gender identity”. However, this was criticised as confusing by women’s rights campaigners.

‘Limited evidence’

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop indicated the questions were included because there is currently “limited evidence on the experiences of transgender people in Scotland”.

She added that the census “will be taking a leading role gathering evidence to provide support and protection for Scotland’s transgender population”.

The text of the questions is yet to be confirmed as it will be debated by the Culture Committee later.

‘Subjective feelings’

The Christian Institute’s Scotland Officer Nigel Kenny criticised the Scottish Government.

“While it is positive that the census will no longer confuse gender identity with biological sex, the fact it includes ‘trans status’ gives credence to the fallacy that men can become women and vice versa.

“The census should focus on collecting objective, factual information about people, not their subjective feelings.”

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