Scots party leaders call for Named Person pause

Parents’ concerns about the Named Person scheme should be addressed and the whole proposal paused, the leaders of the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour have said.

Ahead of the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections, Party leaders backed the idea of holding back on the Named Person plans which are due to come into effect in August.

Every child in Scotland will be assigned a named person from birth up to the age of 18 under the scheme.

‘Absolute mess’

Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, told the Scottish Daily Mail that her party supported the principle behind the scheme, but that its introduction had been mishandled.

She said: “This entire process has been an absolute mess and it has caused a lot of anxiety for parents. Parents have lost confidence in the Named Person scheme.”

Stating that a Labour Government would pause the process, she said the Party would order a review of the scheme, “so that the concerns of parents can be addressed”.

This entire process has been an absolute mess


The Christian Institute and other concerned organisations are challenging the Named Person scheme in court – with UK Supreme Court judges currently considering the issue.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, has said that the scheme is an “insult to the fundamental human rights of mums and dads to bring up their children the way they see fit”.

“This is a compulsory scheme. There is no way for parents to opt out or be the named person for their own kids”.


The Christian Institute, CARE, TYMES Trust and the Family Education Trust brought the case against the Scottish Government.

Clan Childlaw intervened to raise concerns about the legislation behind the Named Person scheme.

The ‘state guardians’ will be tasked with looking after children’s wellbeing – which state-funded guidance has defined simply as ‘happiness’.

The No to Named Persons campaign has a petition on the issue, which has so far been signed by nearly 25,000 Scottish residents.

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