Scots humanist quits over gay marriage

A founder of the Humanist Society of Scotland has resigned over the group’s support for same-sex marriage.

According to the Scottish Daily Mail, Nigel Bruce, 92, has written to the body on many occasions, expressing his concern about the society’s position on the issue.

In his letter of resignation, he said: “As a Humanist philosopher, I have strong rational opinions on this question.


“I noted that most correspondents assumed that only religious folk were concerned by the threat to traditional marriage.

“I used to be a member, indeed I was a founding member of the Humanist Society of Scotland, but resigned when they began to support same-sex marriage”.

Spokesman for the Humanist Society Scotland Tim Maguire said: “I am quite surprised at Nigel’s resignation and his position, but he is entitled to hold those views.”


Tomorrow, the whole Scottish Parliament gets its first opportunity to vote on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill.

The Equal Opportunities Committee previously allowed the Bill to progress, but a significant minority were unconvinced by the legislation as a whole or were concerned by the lack of adequate protections.

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