Scots could get third gender option at next census

Scots could be allowed to identify as neither male nor female in the next census, following an announcement at Holyrood.

Last week, the Scottish Government published its equality evidence strategy, which says that ministers are considering a ‘non-binary’ option for the next census north of the border.

At present, people can only identify as male or female but LGBT campaigners have been pushing for another option.

‘Gender ideologists’

David Robertson, founder of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, said the Scottish Government appears to be unsure “how many genders there are.”

Attributing the idea to “gender ideologists”, he added that ordinarily, “they would be little more than a quirky friend club at university.

“Now it appears they inhabit or have the ear of the upper echelons of the Scottish Government”.

The next census will take place in 2021.

Gender survey

Earlier this year, it emerged that Cornish residents had been quizzed on whether they are “Gender Fluid” or “Non-Binary” in a consultation on local infrastructure.

In an equality questionnaire, which the Council said was optional, users were also asked for their age and to describe their ethnic origin.

The section on sex was the longest, and included a definition of “Gender Fluid” as someone who “feels their gender identity changes over fluctuating spans of time or even within certain environments”.

An ex-Mayor of Truro and current councillor criticised the questions, describing them as irrelevant to the issue of a levy on local buildings.

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