Scot Govt should protect children from trans ideology, says MSP

A senior MSP has welcomed measures in the UK to protect children from transgender ideology.

Murdo Fraser was pleased to see the UK Government address this “hugely serious issue” and shared his hope that the Scottish Government will now “follow suit”.

The Scottish Government has proposed to make changing legal sex much easier, and to lower age restrictions from 18 to 16. It plans to put forward legislation after the 2021 Holyrood election.


Fraser said previous guidance in the UK “seemed to push children down the route of gender reassignment” and had resulted in “an explosion in the number of young people reporting with gender dysphoria”.

ideology took the place of science

He said: “Some of the most powerful evidence I have ever heard presented in the Scottish Parliament came at an event held earlier this year from Sinead Watson, a young woman who underwent a transition to become a man, which she now regrets.

“In her own words, she was ‘obsessively and sycophantically affirmed’ in her gender choice as a teenager, when she should have been challenged by medical professionals, and instead offered counselling and support.”

Ideology not science

The MSP also said of Watson’s experience: “Having undergone testosterone injections for four years and a double mastectomy, her life has been ruined because ideology took the place of science.”

He added: “Studies suggest that the great majority of young people with gender dysphoria will, by the time they reach their 20s, have reverted to being comfortable in the gender in which they were born.”

Watson has described the Scottish Government’s proposals – which would allow someone to change legal sex after living as if the opposite sex for three months – as “dangerous”.

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