Scot Gov: ‘Teach toddlers about sex consent’

The Scottish Government has come under fire for suggesting that two-year-olds should be taught about sexual consent.

Ministers have launched a new review of personal and social education (PSE) which will cover every age group, including two-year-old early learners.

Critics say children are incapable of understanding sex and would be ‘confused and disturbed’ by such teaching.


Dr Stuart Waiton, a sociologist at Abertay University, accused ministers of having an “obsession with early intervention”.

He said: “It would seem to be inappropriate to say the least in terms of the age, the younger children who don’t even know what sex is or what relationships are.

“It is just wrong-headed, driven by a kind of warped feminist ideology that sees the problem of violence everywhere, and relationships as toxic.”

Norman Wells, Director of the Family Education Trust, commented: “To prematurely introduce the minds of young children to thoughts and behaviours that are completely alien to their knowledge and experience would only confuse and disturb them unnecessarily.”

Trans guidance

It is the second time the Scottish Government has been criticised for meddling in family life in recent days.

Earlier this month, ministers endorsed new guidance which urges schools to help kids explore their ‘gender identity’ without the consent of parents.

The guidance, by LGBT Youth Scotland, also states that the “ideal scenario” for gender confused children is for parents to fully endorse their new identity.

It has been welcomed by the Scottish Government, the Children’s Commissioner and numerous local authorities.


Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for Public Affairs at The Christian Institute, has expressed alarm at the scope of the guidance:

“This document tells schools that they should sideline parents whose impressionable children are considering radical, life-altering decisions.

“Cutting parents out of the picture is wrong in itself, but this is particularly worrying given the increasing number of young people who regret their decision to ‘transition’.

“Schools have a responsibility to protect all pupils in their care. Instead, this guidance undermines the privacy and safety of children.”

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