Same-sex marriage slammed by gay critics

Same-sex marriage “fundamentally changes” the definition of the institution and only a few homosexual “protesters” even wanted the change, two gay commentators have said.

Art critic Brian Sewell and newspaper columnist Andrew Pierce made their comments as the first same-sex weddings in the UK took place on Saturday.

Writing for The Telegraph, Sewell said civil partnerships “seemed to be the final necessary reform”.


“But every minority has within it a core of single-issue politicians and protesters who are never satisfied and always ask for more, and homosexuals, both male and female, are no exception.

“It is this noisy nucleus that demanded gay marriage and, seeing a handful of votes in it, David Cameron announced his support.”

Sewell commented while he had “quietly done my share of campaigning for equality”, same-sex marriage is a “right I deplore”.


He commented that British society is “rooted” in Christianity, and that most homosexuals “are happy to respect the deeply held belief of sincere, thoughtful and informed Christians” who support marriage between one man and one woman.

Sewell concluded that resources had been “wasted” on the “wrong campaign”.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Andrew Pierce said same-sex marriage was backed by, “Heterosexual, married politicians like David Cameron”, who “saw a cynical opportunity to burnish their touchy-feely, liberal credentials by pushing for gay marriage”.


However, Pierce said, the introduction of same-sex marriage was “politically, a disastrous miscalculation”.

He commented that politicians “offended millions of people by arrogantly redefining the meaning of the relationship between a man and a woman that has been the bedrock of society for thousands of years.

“They also placed the Church in an invidious position by suggesting it had a moral duty to perform gay marriage ceremonies when vast numbers of clergy and ordinary church-goers are opposed to them.

“Worst of all, the gay marriages they have introduced do not make gay couples more ‘equal’ in any meaningful way.”

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