Ronaldo’s mum says she wanted to abort him

The mother of world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted she tried to abort her son.

In her biography entitled ‘Mother Courage’, Dolores Aveiro revealed that she asked for an abortion, but the doctor “didn’t support” her decision.

Speaking at the launch of the book, which was released in Portugal today, Aveiro said that Ronaldo knows she wanted to have an abortion.


She said: “He told me when he found out, ‘Look mum, you wanted to abort and now I’m the one who’s pulling the purse-strings in the house.'”

Cristiano Ronaldo recently played for Portugal in the 2014 World Cup, and is currently part of the Real Madrid team.

Earlier this year he was named the world’s greatest footballer for the second time.


Last year, it emerged that pop star Justin Bieber’s mother had resisted pressure to have an abortion when she became pregnant with her son at the age of 17.

Pattie Mallette said: “I just know I had to keep him. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I just knew that I couldn’t abort. I had to do my best, and I was determined to do whatever it took.”

Pattie Mallette’s relationship with her son’s father broke down, and she largely raised Bieber with the help of her parents.


In 2010, international singer Susan Boyle revealed that she could have been aborted had her mother followed doctors’ advice.

Writing in her autobiography, Boyle said doctors had told her mother, then a 45-year-old mother of eight, that having another baby could kill her.

But as she was a devout Roman Catholic, an abortion was unthinkable and she went through with the pregnancy.

Boyle said when she was born doctors commented she would “never be anything” and she has been “trying all my life to prove them wrong”.

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