Romania: Pro-life supporters rally against abortion law

Pro-life supporters have taken to the streets in Romania to call for the Government to reform the country’s abortion law.

Police estimated that 2,000 people took part in a march in the capital city of Bucharest, with further rallies taking place in 300 cities and towns across Romania and neighbouring Moldova.

Romanian law currently allows abortion on demand up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy.

‘Deserve better’

Romania has one of the highest abortion rates in Europe.

According to The ProVita Humanitarian Foundation, around 210 abortions are carried out in the country every day.

Banners with the slogans “Women deserve better than abortion” and “Life for the Woman and life for the family” were on display as people marched through Bucharest.

One demonstrator said abortion goes “hand-in-hand with horror and death”.

Pro-life movement

It is the latest country in Europe to rally against liberal abortion laws in recent months.

In January, there were reportedly more than 50,000 pro-life supporters who attended the March for Life in Paris. The annual Paris march is the largest pro-life demonstration in Europe.

Last May, several other pro-life marches took place in Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

In Croatia, the first ever national March for Life was held in the capital city of Zagreb. Over 15,000 people were reported to have taken part.

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