Revelation of the wages of sin led me to Christ, says ex-gay author

A writer who turned from her lesbian lifestyle after becoming a Christian, has written a book about how she found her true identity in Christ.

Jackie Hill-Perry was in a long-term relationship with a woman before putting her faith in Christ at the age of 19.

Ten years on, married and a mother to daughter Eden, Jackie’s recently published book, Gay Girl, Good God, reflects on the necessary cost of living for God.

Set free

Jackie recalls: “God let his light shine into the dark corners of my life. And when he did, I saw my sin with full clarity”.

She writes: “Homosexuality might have been my loudest sin, but it was not my only sin. God was not about setting me free from one form of slavery only to leave me enslaved to other idols. By calling me, he was after my whole heart.”

Jackie added: “I had no idea what would come next or how I’d have the power to resist everything I’d once lived for, but I knew that if Jesus was God and if God was mighty to save, then surely, God would be mighty to keep.”


Reviewing the book for The Gospel Coalition, Kristen Wetherell said Christians can’t ignore issues of homosexuality because they are so ingrained in our culture.

She says: “What I love about Gay Girl, Good God is how it unashamedly declares what’s true.”

“Perry’s story points to Jesus Christ through and through, and without hesitation.”