Revealed: 33 Scots public bodies have Stonewall link

Scottish taxpayer-funded organisations from across the country are partnering with ‘gay rights’ group Stonewall to become “diversity champions”.

The revelations come in the wake of the news that the Crown Office, Scotland’s prosecution service, has also signed up to Stonewall’s diversity register, a move which prompted questions over its impartiality.

Now it has emerged that NHS groups, local councils, police forces, and the Scottish tourism agency are also paying Stonewall to be on the “diversity champion” register.


Taxpayers are forking out in excess of £50,000 for public bodies to be part of the Stonewall programme.

John Deighan, from the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, warned of the radical agenda the ‘gay rights’ group is spreading with the scheme.

He said: “This is a very effective way for Stonewall to spread its ideology, and most people are unaware of just how radical it is.

“These public bodies should be focusing on doing their jobs in a time of economic crisis rather than placating the gay rights lobby.”


An editorial for the Scottish Daily Mail, which reported the story, criticised the payouts, asking how “our economic masters” will react to the news amidst the financial cuts being set out across the country.

Last week a Crown Office spokesman defended its “diversity champion” status saying it gave the organisation access to “good practice seminars on a range of topics and to the latest thinking, knowledge and advice on specific organisational initiatives”.

Strathclyde Police force is among the 33 public bodies who have signed up. It has come under fire in the past year for praising organisers of a taxpayer-funded gay art exhibition featuring pornographic images for helping to promote respect for homosexuals.


Strathclyde Fire and Rescue are also on the Stonewall register. In 2009 it settled out of court with a Roman Catholic fireman who was punished for refusing to take part in a gay pride march.

Other groups to have signed up include the City of Edinburgh council, Glasgow University, and the NHS 24 telephone service.

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