Religious symbols banned from London Olympics ‘faith’ badge

A “faith” badge designed for chaplains at the London Games has banned all religious symbols in case they cause offence.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) called on its advisory committee of faith representatives to provide ideas for the badge.

The badge is intended to be the symbol of the role of religious leaders for London 2012.


But plans for a design with symbols of each of the nine faiths represented on the committee were rejected on the grounds that not all religious believers would feel “comfortable” wearing symbols of other faiths.

The final badge simply features the word “faith” and a globe, alongside the Olympics and Paralympics logos.

It will be worn by the 193 faith chaplains – who will look after athletes, officials, staff and members of the media.


The organisers argue that a badge displaying the nine symbols of faith – including the cross and Islamic crescent – would have “limited” the “appeal” to religious athletes and spectators.

The group also dismissed other proposals for the design, including an image of a lit candle.

The Rev Canon Duncan Green, an Anglican priest who is head of Locog’s multi-faith services, said: “We discussed lots of ideas – it is always difficult to get a symbol that is comfortable with everyone.


“We wanted something that people of all faiths could wear and feel comfortable with and that showed the world faiths coming together.

“If we want something that appeals to all faiths it has to be neutral.”

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