Redefinition of marriage rejected in Mexico

Proposals to legalise same-sex marriage across Mexico have been struck down.

President Enrique Pena Nieto’s plans for nationwide legalisation were rejected by 19 votes to 8 in the Lower House of Congress.

Same-sex marriage is currently allowed in Mexico City and several other states, but the President had called for it to be legalised nationwide.

‘Definitely concluded’

Edgar Castillo Martinez, Chairman of the Commission on Constitutional Matters, said the outcome means that the matter is now “totally and definitely concluded”.

The proposals led to a public outcry in the country.

In September, over a million Mexicans attended nationwide rallies in 122 cities in support of traditional marriage.

‘Move on’

In Australia, a Bill proposing a public vote to decide on same-sex marriage was rejected last week in the Senate by 33 votes to 29.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had intended to hold a public vote on the issue in February 2017.

Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton, responded to the decision by calling on politicians to now consider other issues.

“Australians have had enough of the same-sex marriage debate. After six years of relentless activism in the Parliament, it should be time to move on.”

Shelton added that politicians “may have unwittingly done the nation a favour by allowing more time for people to understand the consequences” of redefining marriage.