Redefinition of marriage to be introduced in Jersey

Same-sex weddings will be allowed to take place in the Channel Island of Jersey from Sunday.

A new law comes into force on 1 July that allows same-sex couples to marry, after it was passed by the Assembly.

A conscience clause was rejected by politicians that would have helped Christian businesses.

Humanist weddings

The new law will also allow humanist weddings to take place. And transsexual people will be allowed to be married in their chosen identity without the requirement of a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales in 2013. Since then, Prime Minister Theresa May smeared traditional marriage supporters as ‘lacking compassion’.

During her speech at the Conservative Party conference last year, Theresa May celebrated the fact that it was her party which put same-sex marriage “on the statute book”.

“So let us never allow the Left to pretend they have a monopoly on compassion”, she said.