Record-breaking Christian astronaut in awe at creation

A Christian astronaut has released pictures of his view from space and shared how his faith allows him to glimpse the “creative work by an infinite God”.

NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams is an avid user of social media and has gained a large online following from posting his images taken from space on Twitter and Facebook.

He is currently on his fourth space mission and has just broken the US record for total days spent in space.


Speaking to Christian leader Albert Mohler, Williams said: “You see the design. You see the beauty. You see the purpose. You see all of those elements. You see order in all of the details.

“That’s what I see when I look out the window”.

The astronaut made the comments while speaking via video link from the International Space Station.


He went on to further discuss his Christian faith and belief in God.

“I believe in Him as creator and redeemer through Jesus Christ,” Williams said.

He has previously written a book about his time in space titled: ‘The Work of His Hands: A View Of God’s Creation From Space’.

Beyond our comprehension

He described the expansiveness of God’s creation as something that “is beyond our comprehension”.

The astronaut added, “you look down at the planet and you see this marvelous, unique place we call Earth, uniquely designed, uniquely purposed, and a place that is provisioned and ordered to sustain life”.

Williams is scheduled to return to Earth next week when he will have spent a cumulative total of 534 days in space.