RC leader: opposition to same-sex marriage overwhelming

Scots’ opposition to redefining marriage is strong and deeply held, according to the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien was speaking as the Roman Catholic Church sent out a second wave of 100,000 postcards to help parishioners make their views known.

Cardinal O’Brien commented: “We have been over-whelmed at the take-up and it’s crystal clear that it underlines the strength and depth of the opposition to same-sex marriage.”


He added that the Roman Catholic Church would be sending out the “second wave of postcards as many parishes have run out”.

Some ministers from the Church of Scotland have also asked to be included in the second wave of cards.

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on whether to change the definition of marriage.


The consultation document says the Scottish Government’s initial view is that it supports redefining marriage for homosexuals.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s Deputy First Minister said at the consultation’s launch: “Although the Government has set out its initial view, we give an absolute assurance that all views will be listened to. No final views have been reached and no decisions have been taken.”

Sir Tom Farmer, the millionaire founder of Kwik-Fit and a Scottish National Party (SNP) donor, has commented: “Most people would see a marriage as being between two of the opposite sexes, the male and the female.

“One of the main important areas of marriage is the creation of children, and the family life.”


Former SNP leader Gordon Wilson has said: “You attack the building block of society at your peril” and he called for a referendum on the issue.

Cardinal O’Brien has previously commented: “The view of the Church is clear, no government can rewrite human nature; the family and marriage existed before the state and are built on the union between a man and a woman.

“Any attempt to redefine marriage is a direct attack on a foundational building block of society and will be strenuously opposed.”