RC adoption agency to fight ‘gay rights’ laws

A Roman Catholic adoption agency which only places children with married couples is refusing to cave in under pressure from new homosexual discrimination laws.

The agency from Westminster wants the liberty to place children only with married couples, in accordance with its religious ethos.

But religious adoption agencies were controversially denied an exemption from the Sexual Orientation Regulations when they were passed in 2007.

The regulations outlaw discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation when providing a good or a service.

Many faith-based adoption agencies warned that their much needed children’s work would be forced to shut down because of their religious beliefs on sexual ethics.

At least two Roman Catholic dioceses have now withdrawn from adoption work because of the laws.

However, the Westminster Catholic Children’s Society says that it will continue to operate its policy of placing children only with married couples. It is prepared, if necessary, to defend its stance in court.

The Society’s director, Jim Richards, said: “We simply want to continue to do what we have been doing for many years reasonably successfully. Adoption is a very important part of the Church’s work with children who are extremely vulnerable.”