Rapid fall in number of US abortion clinics

The number of abortion clinics in the United States has fallen rapidly in recent years, according to new figures.

US media company Bloomberg reports that since 2011, 162 abortion clinics have been shut down across the country while 21 have opened.

The high number of closures is thought to be linked to the introduction of pro-life legislation in several states.


Pro-life laws have been adopted in Iowa, Michigan and Texas – although Texas legislation is currently being scrutinised by the US Supreme Court.

At the start of this month judges heard arguments over regulations introduced in 2013 which have led to many Texas clinics being shut down.

Not one more penny should go to Planned Parenthood

Casey Mattox

There is speculation that the case, which has been billed as the biggest abortion case in decades, could impact on similar laws in other states.


In recent months the abortion industry in the US has faced a public backlash and financial sanctions, after an undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

Last year, CMP released videos appearing to reveal senior employees seeking to profit from body parts of aborted babies.

Currently Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars, but so far ten individual states are reported to have taken steps to remove funding.

Abortion business

Ohio was the most recent state to do so, when Governor John Kasich passed a new law at the end of February.

The move was welcomed by Casey Mattox, of the religious libery group Alliance Defending Freedom.

He said: “Not one more penny should go to Planned Parenthood, a scandal-plagued abortion business that does not provide comprehensive health care services for women”.

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