Radical Islam set to fill values gap, says Bishop

The ’60s liberal revolution has left Britain with a moral vacuum which will be filled by radical Islam an Anglican Bishop has said.

The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, says the decline in Christian values has led to a more selfish, more violent, nation.

Writing in a new political magazine, Standpoint, he argues that left-wing Marxist students in the ’60s encouraged a “social and sexual revolution” which undermined the family.

“It is this situation that has created the moral and spiritual vacuum in which we now find ourselves. While the Christian consensus was dissolved, nothing else, except perhaps endless self-indulgence, was put in its place.”

While Marxism has since been discredited, “We are now confronted by another equally serious ideology, that of radical Islamism, which also claims to be comprehensive in scope,” he says.

The Bishop claims that modern politically-correct values of multi-culturalism, tolerance and diversity will be useless to resist the rise of radical Islam.

He also said, “Recognising [Islam’s] jurisdiction in terms of public law is fraught with difficulties precisely because it arises from a different set of assumptions from the tradition of law here.”

Observers say this is an implicit criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s controversial comments in February when he appeared to call for Sharia law to be accommodated in Britain’s legal system.

Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali has received death-threats in the past for saying some parts of Britain are no-go areas for non-Muslims.