Quango in U-turn over funding for gay group

The organisers of a homosexual arts festival that featured “free lap dances” and “unspeakable live participation” have been awarded £210,000 of public money.

Homotopia’s application for Arts Council England funding was initially rejected because, according to The Guardian, the group did not have a business plan.

But Homotopia complained, saying it would have business structures in place by 2012. The Arts Council reversed its decision and awarded the group £70,000 per year for a three year period.


Last year Homotopia ran an arts festival with acts including an interactive performance called Peaches Christ presents All About Evil.

The homosexual group’s website says it included an “infamous pre-show” featuring “free lap dances with every large popcorn” and “unspeakable live participation”.

Homotopia is also responsible for commissioning the writing of a pro-homosexual play that is targeted at schoolchildren aged eleven to 14.


Last year a film version of the controversial production, called FIT, was set to be distributed to secondary schools by homosexual activist group Stonewall.

Concerned parents have expressed alarm at FIT, with one mother saying: “It has come to something when our schools are worried about first year pupils making their minds up about their sexuality”.

Commenting on the funding, Homotopia director Gary Everett said: “With this support and the continuing support of Liverpool City Council we can engage with more artists, writers, producers, dancers and performers to reach new communities.”


The Arts Council does not hear appeals against its decisions to reject funding applications, but it will hear complaints about its decision making process.

The Arts Council said it had received a complaint from Homotopia. The spokeswoman said: “We wanted to make sure we were absolutely fair”.

A statement on the Arts Council’s website said it was “pleased that Homotopia, who were initially incorrectly deemed ineligible, have now been offered funding through the National Portfolio”.

The spokesperson continued: “Homotopia will make a valuable contribution to the vibrant festival offer in England, and have been offered £70,000 per year over the three-year period 2012-15”.