PureGym targeted for asking man to leave women’s changing area

PureGym has been targeted by trans activists after asking a man identifying as a woman to leave the women’s changing rooms.

Female customers told staff at PureGym that they felt “uncomfortable” getting changed in the same room as the man.

The transgender customer then rejected PureGym’s offer of an alternative, gender neutral changing area.


The man told Buzzfeed: “The manager said that men weren’t allowed in the women’s locker room.

“She said ‘I’m afraid you have to leave’ because someone was made uncomfortable by me being in there.”

The gym said: “On this occasion, PureGym staff contacted the member discreetly, following questions from other members, to agree a solution on the appropriate changing facilities.”

“In addition to male and female changing rooms, our gyms offer separate changing facilities and we support members to use the changing facilities that are best for them and take into consideration other members.”


In May, a woman in Florida had her gym membership cancelled after expressing a similar concern that a man claiming to be a woman was using the changing rooms where she was undressing.

Staff claimed that she had violated the gym’s policy which prohibits ‘judging’ others.

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