Public urged to respond to Scots Govt’s marriage plans

People concerned that the Scottish Government’s plans to redefine marriage do not adequately protect free speech or civil liberties, have seven days left to respond to a consultation on the issue.

Respond here.

Scotland for Marriage, the group leading the campaign to defend traditional marriage in Scotland, has launched a helpful web page for people to respond.


The Scottish Government consultation closes at 5pm on Wednesday 20 March.

On the Scotland for Marriage site, users can respond to the most important questions of the consultation.

These include issues of religious same-sex weddings, freedom of speech and education.

How the Scottish Government’s legislation would affect registrars and everyday language are also considered on the simple-to-use page.


For other ways to respond, click here.

Recently a police chaplain in Scotland said that he was removed from his post because he disagreed with gay marriage on his personal internet blog.

Strathclyde Police said Revd Brian Ross can hold his beliefs in private, but publicly expressing them is a breach of their equality and diversity policy.


Earlier this month it was revealed that a secondary school teacher from Scotland had said he was pressurised to promote gay marriage against his will and it contributed to a breakdown.

The teacher, referred to as “Mr X”, was prepared to teach about marriage and sexuality in a balanced and objective way, but could not in all conscience say gay marriage was the same as straight marriage.

But the head of department was angered by Mr X’s stance, and the head teacher said Mr X must toe the line and keep his views to himself. Mr X said this contributed to “a breakdown and being signed off work for several months with stress”.


Earlier this month the charity regulator in Scotland upheld its previous decision to force a Roman Catholic adoption agency to end its policy favouring marriage.

St Margaret’s adoption agency prioritises couples that have been married for at least two years, but officials said the policy discriminates against gay couples.

Last year a leading human rights lawyer warned that teachers in Scotland could be forced to promote same-sex marriage if the institution is redefined.

Aidan O’Neill QC’s legal opinion also warned that parents would be powerless to prevent their children being taught about same-sex marriage.

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