Prof Brian Cox: ‘I can’t be sure there isn’t a God’

Professor Brian Cox has admitted that science alone provides no definite answers and he can’t be sure there isn’t a God.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, he said science, philosophy, theology and religion are all valid “ways of trying to come to terms with this remarkable thing that we are”.

The physicist also said it would be more accurate to call him an ‘agnostic’ than an ‘angry atheist’.


In the interview with Adrian Chiles, Cox spoke about the limitations of science.

He said: “I think science is about being comfortable with answering questions with ‘I don’t know’.”

When Chiles asked him “how can you be sure there isn’t a God?” Cox said: “I can’t”.


In a 2014 interview, speaking about his BBC show Human Universe, Cox acknowledged humanity as “rare”, “remarkable”, “valuable” and “worth celebrating”.

He added, “there is naivety in just saying there’s no God”.

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